Another year of baseball is wrapping up this weekend. I know you guys hear me say it a lot, but it really is an all consuming sport. With 3 kids playing, it’s pretty much every night of the week! This summer we averaged 9 baseball games/practices a week! It’s intense! But the feeling of watching my kids out there is like nothing else! I am a very proud baseball mom. I have a collection of shirts, black and gold accessories and a very loud voice!

This year was Lucas’s first year on a real team. It was coach-pitch baseball and he loved it! He especially enjoys being catcher and playing first base. He hates third base and refuses to play it, which is pretty entertaining! He was also lucky and got called up to play with his big brothers team a few times this season, which was a great experience for him.

Alex played on a team with some of his friends, it’s his last year of coach pitch and this year was his first year playing with umpires. Strikes counted, outs counted – it was a very different experience for him. There were tears (getting out for the first time is hard) but lots of fun and his team made it all the way to the third-place game and took 3rd place! A pretty great season for him!

Adam played travel ball again and had an awesome season! His team had a rough year. We started the season with a roster of 10, and 8 games in one of our players (a catcher)ended up with a pretty bad concussion and was pulled for the rest of the season. If you don’t know, in order to play a game of baseball you need 9 players. We never had more than 9 at a game, which meant no innings off, and when we had another catcher get injured we didn’t have enough kids to play and we were down to only one catcher! We found a sub to fill in for a few weeks,  but it didn’t help our catching problem.  On one hot afternoon, our single catcher needed a break – so Adam offered to step in for an inning or two and it turns out – he’s a natural. Not only is he a natural at catching, but he loves it. He’s found a new passion for the game and it was extra fun to watch him this year. Despite all of the problems his team had, they were very successful this season placing in the top 3 in 3 of their 4 tournaments and they qualified for state. He has 3 more games this weekend, in the all-star tournament and then our season is officially over.

It’s been a crazy season, a fun season – and I’m sad that it’s over. I’m already excited for next season and what that has to bring for this baseball loving group!