First we had the engagement, then The Wedding, then the pregnancy announcement and now the baby! I think we can stop now with all the excitement because, obviously, this little guy is all we’ll ever need. Isn’t he perfect?

Early Friday morning, July 19, I got a text: I’m in labor!

The first of many texts, it was a very long labor. Both Lindsay & Soren did amazing. They not only labored, supported each other, but also kept us here in Germany in the loop. It is not easy being so far when the big things happen. And babies are a really big deal.

I fell asleep at about 3:40 in the morning, phone clutched in my hand, while Lindsay was pushing. I woke with a start two hours later, and as if the phone had known, a beep, a vibration, a text from Soren: 6lb 15oz
Followed by: 19.5 inches
And: Believe they said apgar are 8 and 9. Whatever that means
And: It was another day, really that night, before I learned his name. Live, on Skype, almost in person, with the most adorable baby in the world. Meet: Declan Theo

Declan because it’s a good strong name, Theo after my Oma, my hero. Silly me cried a little. Welcome little man. You are beyond loved.