A little over five years ago, Cole joined the football team. A little over five years ago we first met Coach Mo & his vivacious bride Carin. Carin is the definition of vivacious! She’s energetic, magnetic, a beautiful soul inside & out. Greg (Mo) is no slouch himself. Together they are a dynamic combination and they’ve made my time here in Germany that much better. Last night we said goodbye.

Insert curse words here. I hate goodbye’s. I’m getting to an age where it’s getting harder to roll with the punches. It’s getting harder to pick myself up, meet a new friend, set up new traditions, and try again. I know I’m blessed to have friends all over the globe. I’ve made some life-long best buds who brighten my day with just a word, a text, a quick call. But. I miss my “here” friends. The ones I can call for a cup of coffee, a roadside rescue, a last minute movie. The ones I can count on for holidays, fests, beer at the brauhaus. The ones that fill in for family on birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and even hospital visits. My here friends are the ones I lean on. Last night we said goodbye.

Today I’m feeling sad. Deflated. Empty. Last night I laughed, cried a little, hugged them one more time. Greg greeted me, Tess & Dane with a big family hug. All three of us swept into his big bear embrace. And not a quick hug, but a long hug. A real hug. A hug I can feel today that’s making my eyes cry. Stupid eyes.

Last night we said goodbye.