Aaaaaaaaaaaah! I not only forgot my camera. I forgot I had a perfectly, actually pretty awesome, cell phone with camera in my back pocket. Because. I have no pictures of Halloween 2019. And. It was pretty epic, as those things go.

I am a Halloween bug. It is my holiday. It is the one socially sactioned day of the year I can scare little kids. What’s not to love? Plus. I missed last year. Sure I took Dane trick or treating, but I was still wheelchair bound and I forgot to order a Professor X bald cap. So this year was bound to be a little extra.

A couple of months ago an email came in from Dave’s work, who could do a Trunk or Treat on November 1? Me. Of course me! Trunk or Treat is simply handing out treats from the trunk of your car. It’s for those of us who don’t live near a horde of kids or, like us, who live where kids don’t trick or treat. Trick or treating is not a thing (yet) here in Germany. Of course I signed up for Trunk or Treat!

Tess & I decided to turn the van into Hell. We covered the van in black garbage bags, inside & out. I’d bought fake plastic flames off the interwebs and Dave taped that all around the bottom. The inside was covered in black spiderwebs, real fall leaves, fake bones, fake hellfire, fake thunder, fake lightening and a scary pumpkin by Dane . Inside our van it was Scary. With a capital S.

Tess & I were not to be outdone.  She went full devil, while I went black & white demon. It was the best use of the stuff I already had, to create a Scary result. It was only when we were scrambling to get into the van, needing to hurry & get set-up before all the kids arrived, that I noticed Dane was not wearing his costume. While it was much simpler than ours, it was still scary and he’d been very excited to order it.

“But mom. Some kids will be scared. I will give those kids candy.” And that’s exactly what he did.

Ha! Turns out Tess did take a selfie as we were going through the McDonalds drive through late last night. The look on their faces as we drove up to the window was priceless!