Despite masks & best intentions our social distancing was sorely tested this week. But. It couldn’t be helped. After waiting till the absolute last minute, it was time to welcome our newest family member… Wade!

We have needed a benzine (gasoline) car for over a year, ever since diesel cars were banned in Stuttgart. And we only have diesel cars. We also needed a little commuter car for Tess & Christian. For when they can go back to work & school. A little automatic commuter car. Neither can drive stick shift. And both our diesel cars are stick. And I’m a terrible teacher. Or so they tell me.

Our dear friends are moving back to the states this week. It is an incredibly difficult move, in a very trying time, due to a personal hardship. Of course we needed to help. The best way to help was for me to sew masks, and to take those last items they couldn’t ship. So we are now the proud owners of a beautiful, super comfy, big red chair and a tiny, zippy Smart car.

Tess & I have both been dying to get out of the house, she agreed to a “reveal” photo shoot with our new Smart. Our Wade. I’m not sure who I love more, her or Wade ❤