Tess didn’t want much for her birthday. Money of course, like all teenagers, but nothing I could wrap. Except, maybe, possibly, please? Another cat? Not that I could wrap a cat.

Dave has been our brick wall. He does not want horses, dogs, birds, rats or cats. I asked anyway. Technically, he asked me what to get Tess. I said cat. He said yes. He. Said. Yes!

I called all the Tierheims (animal shelters) trying to get a cat. COVID has made life hard. That includes getting animals from the shelters. On Tess’ birthday I was still playing phone tag & wishing like crazy we could visit the Tierheim. Sadly, no one answered and I finally just said to Tess:

“Hey! Want to go look at cats?” Boy, did she! Off to the Tierheim we drove. Only to be met with a no-visitors sign. However, luck was finally on our side and we did run into one of the staff. She was wonderful and scheduled us to visit the cats.

Last Saturday we met Asriel. We fell in love instantly. He’s young. He’s extremely love-y, and he has a heart condition. Not many people want him. But we do. We’ll take him.

We got to take him home on Wednesday. We were approved quickly because we already have Mochi from the same Tierheim. The first night was rough. Poor Asriel was not happy and he let us know with yowls & meows until the sun came up. The second night was better, and the third night he slept like a log. Already settling in.

Now the big worry is Mochi. Will she like him? Will he like her? We’re keeping them apart. Each taking a turn as living room cat, with all the people, each taking a turn wandering the rest of the house. This part is nerve wracking. I’m very curious where next week will take us.