I know I’ve mentioned it sporadically, but I’ve never really told the tale. Tess gets sick once or twice a year. Like a normal person. Unlike a normal person, Tess’ body rebels against being sick. She swells up like a water balloon & gets hives. Big, ugly red hives. Everywhere. Literally everywhere, including palms, soles & scalp.

Both the swelling & the hives happen on her face & neck too. It’s terrifying. All I can think is that it will close her windpipe. I panic. My heart races and I feel so helpless. There is nothing scarier than watching your child deteriorate in front of your eyes and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

This has been happening for 3 years. I’m now at the point that if she gets a hive, we start packing for the ER. We have a go bag, it takes seconds. The thing is, the ER is as clueless as we are to the Why. Why does her body react so violently to a simple cold? Because. So far it’s all been because of a cold. She hasn’t had the flu. She hasn’t had COVID. I’m terrified of what will happen when she does get either of those.

In December & January she got one cold. It took more than 4 weeks to return her body to normal. 4 weeks, 5 ER visits, 6 doctors. We are now the proud owners of 5 Epipens and a pharamacies worth of anti-hive, itch, swelling, anti-allergen medications. And 0 guarantees that any of it will work.

We did get a referral to get her tested for All The Things. Unfortunately it took us forever to get in, and then COVID hit. It got delayed. Finally, last week, we had our first appointment. On Monday we had our first round of basic testing. No real answers yet, but we are on our way. I see a glimmer of hope.

Until then I’ve got a firm grip on her epipens & praying with all my might COVID doesn’t get her.

Back in December. Her WHOLE body looks like this.
Testing, round 1
Very allergic to ragweed & hamsters. Not to cats! Someone is very relieved.
I got her an “Ammi” cookie for being good. The baker said “It’s an Amerikan wearing a mask