Dave & I had a date! An entire afternoon, reaching into the early hours of the evening, just for us. Not at home. And then I couldn’t sleep. The day had been so exciting, the rains had cleared (just for a day mind you) that I dragged him out again after midnight.

He is such a trooper, he never grumbled. I’d like to think it’s because I’m such a joy to be with. but the truth is the lockdown has made me a little grumpy. More than a little grumpy. He still willing signed up for a day of make-Toiny-happy & it was a wonderful day!

We swung by the post office on base and YAY! Tess’ birthday cards from Oma & Gramma made it just in time. We also found some clorox wipes in the PX (wooooohooooooo!) and I got some new casserole dishes. I really only needed a big one, for some reason I have none, but I got a matching little one too. Because. Christian has dietary restrictions so it’s nice to make a cheesy one for us, and a not-cheesy one for him.

After we swung by our local gamestore. Dave has an english-version of King of Tokyo Dark (collectors edition) on hold for me. I love this game! And hopefully he’ll like it better with the dark twist. He’s a dark kind of guy.

It wasn’t in yet. But. They had one copy of the english-version of Gloomhaven. #1 on my bucketlist of games. The game of games. The biggest. The heaviest. The most expensive. And Dave said yes! The only caveat being that I had to carry that sucker to the car.

My day still wasn’t over. We went to my favorite German store, Real. Our super Target or Walmart. I hadn’t set foot in here since February. I was bursting with excitement! Sadly we didn’t need much, and most of our budget had gone to games, but just walking the aisles, browsing, was heavenly. We even got a little grocery store sushi & picnicked in the parking lot.

I went home a very happy girl & spent a couple of hours working. Followed by the aforementioned I can’t sleep. The sky was clear, the stars were sparkling for the first time in weeks, and Dave agreed to run out to the field behind our house & try for the Milky Way again.

Soren helped me find it, find where to point my camera in the sky. He also helped me with the best probable camera settings for this night, this lens. And he stacked my photo’s while I slept for the best possible resolution. It’s times like this I really miss having him nearby.

It’s rare I start my morning this early. I love the view from my bedroom window.
Me & Gloomhaven (psssst, it’s 20 pounds!)
There is now an American section at Real. Between Italian & Japanese!
Soren sent me a picture of where to stand to get a good shot.
The Milky Way, Saturn & Jupiter from my back yard!