My thoughts are a little incoherent, lack of sleep does that to a body. After years of being able to eat whatever I want, albeit too much of it, I am now experiencing heartburn. This. Sucks.

Now that my whining is out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff! Tess & I got out to a store! Our favorite store, in our favorite little marketplace, just down the hill from our house. It’s been 3 months since we’ve gone. It’s 3 kilometers away. How I missed it.

We zoomed down the hill in Wade (Tess’ little Smart car), and found a parking spot almost in front of the store. Things are opening up very slowly & we are enjoying the little benefits with our whole being. Especially amazing parking spots. We popped on our masks & shopped to our hearts content.

Soon we left with our arms filled with new canvases & brushes for her to fill up. Tess loves art. I wish she would let me share it with the world, but as a true artist, it’s never good enough to share. It is. She’s wrong.

We got home bubbling with a renewed energy deep in our souls. Getting out of the house, even just 3 kms away, was incredibly therapeutic. I promised her we could do it again. Little did I know we’d be back less than two days later. Dane had magically outgrown all his pants overnight. He had to wear Tessa’s, much to his chagrin… and hers.

Back out we went, sans Dane. Sadly Wade only fits two and Dane hates shopping. We again scored a wonderful parking spot and practically danced into C&A. I love C&A! They are affordable, their clothes fit my skinny kids like a glove, and they have not just a cotton line but also an organic cotton line. I love not just the sustainability, but also the gentleness on my kids eczema-prone skin.

I did not find pants for Dane. He’s got a lot of requirements, doubled by mine, for pants to survive his breakdancing antics. I did find adorable shorts & pants for baby Declan, the C&A sizes fit his tiny little baby body much better than the American stuffs. And. I found a simply spectacular sequined dinosaur shirt and sequined dinosaur shorts for Alayna.

Alayna is Declans cousin, Lindsay’s sisters middle child. Alayna just turned 5 and she loves, loves, LOVES dinosaurs! And these were simply spectacular sequined dinosaurs! In sustaintable organic cotton. I mean? How could I not? How I wish I could see her little face when she gets this fantabulous outfit? I may just be her favorite grandmother, despite not actually being her grandmother.

One last shout-out to C&A, these simply spectacular sequined dinosaurs are in the boys section. It’s not just part of their organic cotton line, but also their interactive clothing line. I looooove that they didn’t leave the boys out of the fun. I just wish Declan was big enough to fit into the simply spectacular sequined shark shirt.

The interactive part of the C&A shirt; photo by C&A
The simply spectacular sequined dinosaur shirt; photo by C&A
The simply spectacular sequined dinosaur shorts; photo by C&A
The simply spectacular sequined shark shirt; photo by C&A
Me & Tess in our happy place