Right at this very moment I’m looking out the window at gorgeous green hills, craggy mountains just beyond, and cows with bells grazing on the front lawn. Because. Dave has to be up in Bavaria for work. A remote facility in the countryside. And. He needed me to translate.

He doesn’t need me a lot. In fact, it’s less work for me with him up here, than back at home. At home with the laundry, kids, shopping, cooking. Here I just have to translate & we get to go out to dinner! If only the internet was faster. Luckily getting faster internet is one of my translations duties, next time we “have” to come up here there will be faster internet.

I’m not sure whose job has better benefits. Mine, have laptop will travel (and work anywhere) or his… see the world. Probably his. But mine is very complimentary. See? Perfect yin & yang.