I don’t know if any of you missed our blog, but I can say I missed it! I missed sharing new kits, new Designers, tips, tricks & tutorials and I missed sharing glimpses into my personal life. I missed talking. We are heading back into lockdown territory over here and I’m extra grateful to have the blog back. It’s my link to the world, my link to sanity.

This summer we did some minimal traveling, mostly in our backyard… so to speak. We spent one lovely, long weekend in Colmar France just over an hour from home. I’ve yet to go through all my photo’s. Despites self-quarantine when we returned, I could never forgive myself if I brought the plague to my neighbors, I couldn’t bear to look at all the happiness inside my camera.

Looking at these now, I feel both incredible joy & amazement that I saw such a fairytale place, and frustration, loneliness and depression that it is so close and yet so far. While the borders are still open, and the Grand Est region (where Colmar is located) is still “green”, lockdown is rapidly approaching. I fear a day away, a weekend away, will soon be things of the past again.

If I’m really honest, a day away, a weekend away, is not what I want. I want to go back to the states. I want to hug my parents, my mother-in-law, my grandson & my kids. This is killing me. This ocean apart, this plague apart. While I’m a travelbug, wanderlust is my middle name, family is my be-all, end-all. I miss my family.

A couple quick photo’s below, and one stand-out moment. Maybe not the best photo I took, but certainly a highlight for me. I was so surprised on our drive into Colmar to see a copy of the Statue of Liberty! I did know, of course, it was a gift from the French to the USA. I did not know that the artist, Auguste Bartholdi, was from Colmar. What a delight it was to see lady liberty & learn this little nugget of history.