It’s a late start here at the Westberry house. All three college students, and yours truly, had classes last night. Zoom was in overdrive! Our lockdown restrictions are tightening and everything is going as virtual as possible. There is something oddly comforting about learning in pajama pants.

My class was in self-care. As part of the Care Team (the team that goes in to support families of recently lost soldiers), it’s important to know how to keep ourselves centered when things are difficult. It’s a particularly useful skill now, when things are tough everywhere. It was a very good class for me.

I am working on focusing on the positive. There is so much positive! We are all healthy, knock on wood. I have three of my children, and a bonus kiddo, here at home. Most nights are loud, noisy & happy around my dinner table. Board games are being played more than ever, and I live in a gorgeous neck of the woods.

When we moved to the states in 1973, there was no Skype. No Facetime. There were once a month phone calls in 3 minute increments. Sometimes it takes my grandson 3 minutes to say “hi”. My sister didn’t even talk until she was 3. My Oma missed out on so many of her firsts. I get not just Declans voice, but I get to see him. I even get slobbery phone kisses & shared virtual snacks. The best is Duckie-cam.

Declan loves taking the phone from his mom & racing as fast as his little legs allow through the house. He shows me favorite toys, doggies, hiding places (so he can keep the phone longer). It. Is. AWESOME!

It’s not the same as seeing him. Holding him. But we’ll get there. I’ll get there! For now I’m loving Duckie-cam.

In 1976, my Oma & Opa boarded a plane for the first time to come visit us in California. This is one of my all-time favorite videos. How I love them.