We are going through some hard days on this planet. The news each day is difficult, even though we see little glimmers of hope here and there. We all need encouragement!

So, to be an encourager myself, to add a bit of positivity to your layouts, to help you encourage others, I am giving away a set of 4 dynamic wordart brushes for Procreate.

And for those of you who don’t have Procreate, I’m including 4 (mostly) 12 x 12″ .png page overlays for you. Keep reading for the link.

In this post, I’ll explain how to use the brushes and give some tips for some finishing touches.

Here’s a small overview of using the brushes.

I used the lovely One World: Christmas in Poland Bundle by Sekada, and One World: Without Borders Bundle by Pixel Giraffe Designs. This theme couldn’t be more timely! I love it!

One World: Christmas in Poland by Sekada Designs
One World: Without Borders by Pixel Giraffe

First, install the brushset. Choose a brush from the set. Next, choose a color.

To choose a color from the canvas, long-tap on your page to grab a color. This post discusses choosing new palette colors from the canvas. I explain here how to import palettes in Procreate.

Add a new layer. Before you start brushing, decide where you want your wordart to be placed on the page.

Start drawing tight circles without lifting your pencil or finger, then increase the radius across the canvas. You’ll start to see the wordart appear.

Keep lightly dragging the pencil in widening circles across the page, which repeats the shapes or texture of the brush.

Brushes like this bokeh brush, above, and the heart brush, below, switch between foreground and background colors. Tap the Color Palette to set both foreground and background colors.

Consider changing the blend mode on your wordart layer.

If the text is a little hard to see, add a layer below the wordart. Grab a color, and paint right below the words to give it some contrast.

Thanks for reading, and keep on creating!

Download Procreate Brushes + .pngs here.