Take your digital stamp use to another level when you learn how to apply multiple colors to a black stamp.

Digital stamps add texture, dimension, and interest to scrapbook pages.

Common ways to use stamps are:
1. Add a solid color
2. Apply a Style
3. Clip a paper to a stamp
4. Change the Blend Mode

With the use of the Transparency Lock option, however, we can add simulate the look of hand-colored designs very easily. Here’s how:

  • Place your stamp on a blank layer above your background. I am using an image from Flower Brushes 01.
  • Simplify (PSE) / Rasterize (Photoshop) your image if it is a Smart Object.
  • Click on the Lock Transparency Icon at the top of the Layers Panel.
  • Select the Lasso Tool in the Tool Bar on the left. Draw around the large flower; the goal is to separate it from the rest of the image.
  • Once you have closed the selection, go to the top Menu Bar:  Edit > Fill. (Set the Contents: to Color, if it is not already selected.) When the Color Picker opens, select the color that you want your flower to be. Click OK twice.
  • With the flower still selected, go to the top Menu bar:  Select > Inverse.  Now the rest of the stamp is selected.
  • Go to the top Menu Bar again: Edit > Fill. In the Contents Box, choose Color in the Dropdown Menu to open the Color Picker. Select the main color for the body of the flower stem and leaves. Click OK twice.
  • Press Ctrl + D (Cmd + D) to deselect.
  • Now it’s time to add additional colors to your flower. Because you have locked the transparency of the Stamp layer, you can paint (brush with any color) over the flower and not interfere with your transparent background.
  • Choose a soft-edged round brush, about 50 px in size. Adjust the size as you prefer.
  • Make your color selections and add color as you like to the stamp. I chose a lighter green to highlight areas on the stem, an orange to add additional color to the flower, and a red to add a little more color variation. What colors you choose to use and where you decide to color is up to you.

Experiment, have fun, and never avoid black stamps again with your new-found coloring skills!

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Karen Schulz Designs