I’d gotten out of my daily walk routine. It’s amazing how one day I’m walking daily, appreciating the world around me, and the next day is three months later. What the heck?

Christian has volunteered to get me back on track. I said yes. Forgetting he’s a Marine. When he said back on track, he meant back on track. We are back on track. Every morning, same bat time, same bat channel, he’s standing at my office door.

“Let’s go mom.” And we go. And go. And go. A little more going than someone who’s yesterday was three months ago can manage. My poor ankle (Pride Before Fall) had weakened during my lapse. After a full march through the woods last Monday, I was limping. Bad.

It didn’t stop me. It stopped me a day. It slowed me down. But we are still walking daily, even in bad weather. Though our bad weather has been snow. Is that really bad weather? Are big fluffy flakes bad?

The day after big fluffly flakes is definitely not bad. It’s absolutely gorgeous!

A glimpse of Christian, who does not like photo’s
I’m very happy Chris is with me, there are so many wild animal tracks!
someone littered on a bench in the woods, and yet it’s so pretty
it’s good we know where we are going & the rules, all the signs are snowed under
The pond is just beautiful frozen over