We have had major snow this year. Snow, and then snow some more. It’s warmed up the last day or two, and now the danger of flooding in the Schwarzwald is real. Not for me, I’m on top of a little mountain, besides I’m still dealing with getting my basement back after a burst pipe. Covid just sucks and makes everything difficult.

It’s hard to believe that just last weekend our forest was filled with snow and fat, fluffly flakes made for an entire day of fun! Our rules are very strict over here, in fact, little aside, I barely made it home before curfew last night. Our curfew is 8 p.m. Normally there is no where to go, nothing to do, but I had to run up to Landstuhl and I barely made it home in time. Curfews aren’t just an idea, they are enforced. Let me tell you, I was a little nervous those last 15 minutes.

Another rule is no more than 1 person is allowed to visit in your home. Outside it’s a little more lenient. Though probably not a whole village lenient. Because. In those big snow storms, when Farmer John’s north facing field turns into the perfect sledding hill? The whole village shows up with sleds in tow.

Families stayed in bubbles. No one hugged, which, hahahaha, is so funny because hugging is not really a German thing. No hands were shaken. Just lots of “Hallo’s” and happy smiles. Everyone had a beer, or glühwein, or in Dane’s case glühwein-flavored tea. Huge snowmen were built, jumps were built, adults & kids alike sledded till dark.

No one wanted to let a perfect, beautiful, snowy day outside go. Just being with people again for the first time, really since last February, was amazing. I felt alive and whole.