This one is for all of you who love to make a Quickpage/BragBook/Album set with your kits. I know my old way of doing it is a very common way. It is also a very tedious, annoying, time-consuming way. You know, where you select the area under a frame and then delete each bit under it? To get everything nice & clean for the final product? NO MORE!

Introducing my, free, CU-okay, knockout style! Simply create a placeholder, one that you would normally clip a photo to, apply my knockout style and voila! All layers beneath the placeholder magically disappear… only to easily reappear by turning off the placeholder layer.


As you can see, I’ve got my background layer (note that it is unlocked). My placeholder, and then my frame. This way, I don’t see anything I might tuck under my frame… however, it is still there when I turn off the placeholder.


I have applied my free knockout style to the placeholder layer. Now everything layered below this will be invisible. That is everything that is “covered” by the placeholder will be invisible. Simply turn off invisibility by clicking on the “eye” symbol next to the placeholder symbol to turn on all the invisible parts. It is really that simple.

The easiest way for you to try this is to download, unzip and drag my CU-okay Knockout style into your style palette.


Or, follow these simple directions:

In photoshop you can “knockout” all the layers underneath that layer. Soooo absolutely ideal for making quickpages. Here’s how:

  • go to add layer style
  • choose blending options
  • Set fill opacity to 0%
  • Set knockout to deep

Note: background layer must be unlocked

Lots of smooches,