All the Halloween chocolate is gone.  And right now, I really, really need some of that chocolate!  We had such a wonderful Halloween.  I had no idea it would be so great.  My cousin, his wife, and their two (adorable) girls drove down from Holland to celebrate their first ever Halloween.  They are now ready to move to Germany LOL!
We met up on base with our friends, and it seems half of Germany was there.  The costumes were fantastic, a BBQ at every other building, beer, gluhwein, and candy!  So much candy.  Our little dutch cousins just about fell over with how much candy there was to be had.  They very, very quickly learned to say:  Trick or Treat.  So cute.
After all the trick or treating, and eating of said treats, the kids were still raring to go.  Off to the haunted hotel we went.  And while this was my idea, once I saw the doorman… a clown!  I was ready to back down.  However, out of the lucky 13 that went, I was the only one with a clown phobia.  I did my best to hide behind my taller friends, so I wouldn’t even have to catch a glimpse, but my husband, my mean, horrible husband, somehow, without me noticing (perhaps because I was busy NOT looking), got that scary, evil clown to sneak up behind me.
I felt the gentlest touch on my shoulders, both my shoulders, looked down and saw the white-gloved, long fingers resting on ME!  I screamed so loud, everyone looked, and ran so fast, I even shoved a little girl out of my way, that I don’t think I can ever, ever show my face on base again.