I have been fighting a wicked cold all week. Yesterday my body finally got the best of me, burst out into a fever and laid me flat. I’m soooooo embarrassed that a fever of 101F laid me flat. My kids still bounce around at 103F. I couldn’t have bounced if you had offered me a thousand dollars. Kids are amazing.

Thankfully I woke up this morning feeling much better, and without a fever. Even better, all the kids seem to have gotten over their version of this cold bug as well. Just in time too, we are hosting game night tonight and I really need a clear head if I have any chance of winning at Carcassonne or Settlers of Catan, my two favorite board games.

Outside it’s still below zero, and beautifully white. Today the sun is shining and there is absolutely nothing I love better than the sparkle of snow in sunshine. I wish I could capture this in a photograph. I’m not venturing out today, I feel tons better but not perfect, and it is so cold outside. I have a photo I do love, I captured sunbeams but not that elusive snow-sparkle, when we were up in Garmisch.