My newsletters tend to be filled with stories & photos of my two youngest, Tess & Dane. They are the two I spend the most time with, share the most moments with, and the ones who like to pose for photos. I really do like sharing photos of my crew, it brings a little life to the story.

I do still have three (out of six) at home. I do spend quite a bit of time every day with Cole as well, but at fourteen he’s not big on photo’s. Imagine my pure joy when Monday afternoon he decided he needed me to take a “good” photo of him. For facebook. I immediately guessed there was a girl behind the request, but I was just ecstatic to get him in front of the lens.

I think I took almost a hundred photos. With Cole proofing each one on the tiny view screen of the camera. Outside in 20 degree weather. After every picture, and quick peek, he’d exclaim;

“No! That’s not a good one!” or “Arrrrgh! You can’t see my eyes!” or “My nose looks big!” or “I look weird” or “I don’t like my teeth!”

All the while my fingers got colder & colder, though, honestly, it warmed my heart to collaborate with him on something so small as the perfect facebook profile pic. Finally, thankfully, my camera battery gave up. Whether from cold or pity for my fingers, I don’t know. We raced inside, and, for the first time, Cole took a big interest in photoshop. We played around a bit with different photo’s and he finally decided he liked this one, turned black & white thanks to some free actions from the Pioneer Woman. It’s not my favorite, but the memory of Monday night is fast becoming a fave.