When I first started my digital scrapbooking adventure, I didn’t know much about file types, file size or just how much hard drive space my new hobby would take up. I slowly learned these things, invested in an EHD and got my stuff organized. I’ve learned plenty over my years (like every little bit helps) and I’m sure I’ll be back to share some of my tricks….but today I want to focus on the difference between layered TIFF files and layered PSD files.

Adobe programs (like Photoshop and Photoshop Elements) can open either file type. A PSD file is a Photoshop file, and only the Adobe software can open these, a TIFF file is more universal and I know that some other scrapping software programs can open these in the layered format. This is why a lot of templates come in both versions. But, the biggest difference between the two is space. TIFF files are smaller than PSD files – and they still maintain the quality as well as layers and all effects applied to layers just like a PSD file does.

Let’s take a look at this layout I did using my Mr. & Mrs Kit of my husband and I on our wedding day.

With the high-quality photo and lots of layers and shadow effects applied to them, the PSD file comes in at 223.7MB. (To see this information on a Mac, right click on the file and select Get Info).

I’m going to open the file and re-save it as a layered TIFF file. After selecting Tiff as the file type in the Save As menu, a window of options will pop up. The image below will show you what options I use, but you can look into what they mean and make your own decisions if you’d like.

Now that my layered file is saved as a TIFF, let’s look at the difference in size. Remember our PSD was 223.7MB…

Only 129.8! That’s a difference of 93.9 MB – multiply that by all of the layered files on your computer (layouts, templates, etc) and you can save yourself GB after GB of space!

Hugs, Mandak
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