So I have this great idea for a Christmas card. Don’t worry, I do know that today is Christmas Eve. Not only have I not sent out our Christmas cards yet, I haven’t even made a Christmas card yet, nor have I taken the photo that is supposed to go on the Christmas card. Oh I’ve been talking about it; I’ve been thinking about it, planning it, saying I’m going to do it, but with all of the hullabaloo around Christmas and life in general, I just didn’t get to it. Truth be told I’m late with just about everything this year! Presents haven’t gone out, they aren’t wrapped, I haven’t even gone grocery shopping for tonight’s Christmas Eve dinner (at my house).

You might be thinking that I’m feeling bad about all of this, whining even, but the truth is, I’m not. I feel a sort of peace about the whole thing. And as I mentioned, I have a great idea for a Christmas card. I told my husband about it and he rolled his eyes laughing; he knows I love a great pun. I’ve decided that the front of our Christmas card will have a photo of us along with our dogs in front of the Christmas tree. Not so unusual, right? The catch is, we’ll all be facing backwards. The greeting will read: “We may be behind in getting our greeting card out this year…(now on to the inside)….but our wishes for a happy holiday and prosperous New Year were ready weeks ago, and today, are just as sincere. ” Cute, right?

Being that I’m so “behind” at the moment, I thought that, with the dawn of a new year approaching, it might be fun to look back (behind) at 2012 and the designs we’ve seen from Karen of Snickerdoodle Designs. There have been holidays kits, kits for kids, kits of Thanksgiving, even kits designed to make life easy for scrappers (like the ABCs of Life collection). I’ll start with January and choose one layout a month to highlight from theStudio gallery, then link you to the kit used to make it. It’ll be like a mini year in review so to speak. To check out any of the kits featured, just click on the link for the month below and you’ll be redirected to Snickerdoodle Designs’ shop. I hope you enjoy looking through these beautiful layouts and fantastic kits. Happy holidays everyone!

January: Have A Heart

February: Cheez The One

March: Imagination Station

April: Balancing Act

May: Merry Month of May

June: One In A Million

July: Until They All Come Home

August: Sporty Sass

September: Leaving Room

October: Hay Day

November: Holiday Hoopla

December: The ABCs of Life