Please welcome to the Studio: our new designer Rebecca from HiddenArt Digital

Join us  and get to know her a bit better in her own words and photos:

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I think of myself as a small town country girl, from rural New Hampshire, in the northeast of the USA. My husband and I have seven lovely children, from six months old to 14 years , currently living in Colorado, near the Rocky Mountains in the west of the USA.  We are very excited to be moving back to the east coast again, only three miles from my parents and my childhood home.

How did you find designing, or how did you become a digital designer? 

As a girl, I was a paper scrapbooker.  When I started seeing people switching to digital, I said I’d never do that!  After a few years, and a few children, I was nursing twins with no space or time for paper scrapbooking.  I said I’d do digital just until I had the space to go back to paper, but I’ve never gone back.  After a while, I started changing things to suit me, and experimenting with different design projects.  It’s been a growing process, but I discovered that I really liked creating digital artwork.

What is your favorite thing to design? Or your favorite part of designing?

I love colors, and putting them together.  It gives me the same excitement as putting a quilt together.  Papers are my favorite thing to make, and I also like extracting unique elements that you won’t find anywhere else.  I want to create the kinds of kits I will use to scrap my family’s story.

What do you like to do, besides designing (hobbies, activities, other work)? 

I have way too many interests for one lifetime!  We educate our children at home, and I do enjoy reading, quietly, or aloud to the children.  We like to camp and explore together.  I love creating of all kinds: photography, baking, sourdough, quilting, soapmaking, knitting, piano, violin…

Favorites? (colors, books, movies, other things, you pick..)

My favorites are always changing as I’m introduced to new things.  I prefer traditional Christian hymns, along with classical and Celtic music.  It’s hard to pick a favorite book besides the Bible, but recently I introduced my oldest daughter (14 years old) to The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare.  It was one of my girlhood favorites, and now she loves it, too.  I enjoy coffee, chicken tikka masala, and coconut pineapple ice cream.  My favorite flowers are hydrangeas, and I love the scent of lilacs.

Is there any place on earth that is at the top of your wish list to see?

I’ve always wanted to travel and see places I’ve read about, and Scotland has always been at the top of my list.  Closer to home, I’d love to visit Glacier National Park.

Why did you choose to be a part of the Studio family?

The Studio was the very first place I found when I started digital scrapbooking.  Bryony of Heartstrings Scrap Art taught me how to post a linked page in the forums, and I started joining in challenges and events.  I participated in the Next Designer Contest for a few years, and after the last one, Angel invited me to open a guest store at The Studio.  I’m very happy to be in this friendly place!

Hopes, dreams for the future? 

In our new home, I’m hoping to introduce our children to country living, with gardens, chicken, goats, and who knows what else.  I’d love to be able to sell goat milk soap.  We want to be very involved with family and church, and in my quiet time, I’ll keep designing.


Rebecca has already started adding her beautiful designs to the store. You can check it out here: