Did you miss me? I hope so! I’m back with an organization reminder here – keep your supplies organized and it will make it easier to get down to scrapping! With just a few minutes a month, you can get back on top of things!  This month, no new tutorial, but I’d love to know what you want to be able to better organize or learn about! So, without further ado, here are your monthly organization tasks!

Monthly Tasks:

1. Make sure you have downloaded and un-zipped all of your purchases from the last month. You don’t want any downloads to expire, and you want to make sure that all of your files unzip correctly so you don’t miss anything important!
2. Clean up your downloads folder. For me, cleaning out and putting away everything from my downloads folder at least once a month helps me feel on top of things.
3. Delete Duplicate Files (see June’s Get Organized post)
4. Empty your trash can/recycle bin.
5. Check your coupons list, delete expired coupons and add any new ones! (see June’s Get Organized post)
6. Create a list of pictures you took in March that need to be scrapped (see Post) And if you’re playing catch up, choose another month to make a list of photos to scrap from too!

Other things to do: Create a “to use” folder, update it with any new purchases (See September’s Get Organized Post), Organize your Templates (See November’s Get Organized Post)

<3 Mandak
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