Today I have a card project for you – a card that’s fun and very useful if you want to gift a picture, movie tickets – or money.

Here’s your link to download the cutting files for free (click image to download):  ***Sorry, but this download has expired, but you can find these files in my store***


Let’s start by opening the file CGD_zipcard2.dxf in your Silhouette Studio software, it will look like this:

That’s the top part of the card. To make sure, that all parts will fit together and result in a 4 in x 6 in card, we will have to resize those pieces. Notice the little square at the bottom? It is supposed to be 1 in x 1 in.

If you’re not seeing grid lines or rulers on your workspace turn them on (see arrows in above picture) and set the spacing to one inch. Then select everything and resize. Holding the shift key while resizing will ensure you won’t distort and make the process easier.

Ungroup everything (Menu “Object” > “Ungroup” or Shift +u) and move the sizing square (and the writing) off your workspace. Now pick a paper if you haven’t done so yet – I chose to use a paper from my new “Zipped” collection (which is DOTD today for 70 % off  ;D ) that I had printed on cardstock.

Since I have never cut that kind of cardstock before, I did a test cut (actually it was more than one, lol) on a piece of that paper that I did not need for my project. I put it on the cutting mat, loaded it into the Cameo and pressed the little test cut button in my cutting window. Doing that enabled me to change the setting for the knife without wasting a lot of paper. 😀 (the test cut is really small, so you won’t need much paper for testing)

Move your cut pieces off the cutting mat and put them aside. If you want to use the cutting file for another project, go ahead and save it as .studio file. Thus you won’t have to go through the resizing again next time.

Now we will do the zipper part. Open the file CGD_zipcard3.dxf and repeat the resizing process:

Ungroup and move the square off the workspace.

If you want to use a patterned paper for the zipper, leave the pieces as they are. If you’re going to use a solid paper/cardstock – or like me a metal foil – let’s move those pieces around so we have less cutting waste. (Don’t forget to change the size of the cutting paper – see arrows – so you’re not accidentally moving your pieces to areas without paper)

As I said, I did use Silhouette’s Printable Silver Foil for my zipper parts, so I had to adjust my cut settings accordingly:

Now it’s time to stick your zipper parts on the already cut parts from your card – that is a little bit tedious, but so worth the effort:

Have you already picked your background paper? As you can see in the above picture, I printed one of the “Zipped” papers onto a 4 in x 6 in card, so I did not need to cut it. If you want to cut your background from a bigger piece of paper or cardstock, use the file CGD_zipcard1.dxf – and don’t forget to resize, lol.

Now we’re almost done!

If you look at the top or “pocket” pieces for your card you will notice two flaps on the sides. Fold these backwards, where the Cameo made those tiny cuts to help you fold.  Put glue on the inside of those flaps, position the pocket pieces on your background and glue in place.

Last attach the three pieces for your zipper pull, first the somewhat heart-shaped base, then the pull and the little rounded rectangle on top of it.

Voilà, here’s your card!

All that’s left to do, is to fill it and personalize it with a greeting or sentiment! 😀

I hope you enjoyed this project – and I would love to see your finished cards in our Hybrid Gallery!

Have a great day!