Thanksgiving, for many of us, is about that special day when families come together to share a special meal. For me, because I’m not the cook, that day starts when I cross the threshold and get my first scent of the roasting turkey with a hint of the spices from the pies that have already been baked. It quickly fills with hugs, kisses, football, and silly jokes. We eventually sit down to the table, say grace, and start eating, yet we’re still talking, laughing, and telling silly jokes. It’s when the meal winds down, the dishes are cleared, the pie has been eaten, and people start heading home that my heart truly fills with gratitude. I realize how fortunate I am to have been a part of this celebration of giving thanks and that occasions like this don’t only happen in November. thestudio_givingthanks_preview

And with the new mega Min is back with another fun progressive scrap for you to participate in.  It started yesterday but you still have time to to join so hop on over to the forum and join the fun.

Here’s the info and you can find it in the forum HERE. 

This progressive scrap will go on for eight days. For the first seven days I will give you a download link with two or three pieces you are required to use according to this day’s instructions. You have two days (Saturday and Sunday) to complete the last step (or catch up) and upload your finished layout. Please remember that I live in Europe, so I will not be around after Sunday early afternoon EST to send out links.

The first download is free, you will get the others via pm after completion of the day before. You can join in until Wednesday, but you have to complete the days to get the next download – and your last layout should be done and posted by Sunday night!

You can recolor and/or crop the pieces or change their opacity but you have to use them as specified in each day’s instructions and once placed are not allowed to move them. Make sure you save your layout in a .psd format so you are able to place new pieces below others if you should wish to do so.

On Monday night I will post a poll to choose the winner who gets this month’s Mega for free!
and there will be also another randomly chosen winner, who will get the Mega free, as well. Everybody else who finished their layout will get a participation prize – a coupon for 1 $ off this Mega.

I will also host a QP exchange for those of you who’d like to gather a great matching QP album!

Hope to see you there!!!