Custom Collection Sundays

Last week I introducted Custom Collection Sundays.  A chance for each of you to request a Custom Collection from one of our Designers. Every week one person wins their request.

I’ve got to tell you, this was hard! Some great requests were posted:

I’d love to see a collection devoted to the Rainbow Loom/rubber band craze! My daughter (and grandkids too) have been very involved with this new craft & have made all kinds of amazing things, not just bracelets, but all kinds of cute objects. Yet I’ve not seen one single kit anywhere related to this worldwide craze! PLEASE!!!???!!!!

from: Stash Empress

I would love to see a State Fair collection with rides, tickets, corn dogs, cotton candy and carousel. That would be a great kit. Thanks.

from: Teresa Bishop

I would love to see a piano themed collection which included sheet music, music symbols and notes, different piano elements (baby grand, upright, keyboard) and piano and music themed wordart quotes.

from: Elaina

I am so dying to see a Quinceanera Collection – I have never found one, and it is such a beautiful ceremony and celebration. I would love it in brilliant blues, white, and silver.

from: Alice

Then a 2nd request for a music collection came through and my choice was made. I knew just the Designer to bring this to life.  Congratulations Elaina!  Our very own Boo, Booland Designs, is already hard at work making your dream come true.  Please check your email (that you used to register on our blog) for a note with the details from me.

Very important note: I will post a new winner every week, however, please do not expect your Custom Collection to be ready within a week.  Scrapbooking Collections take time, and that time varies by Designer.  Some of our team are full-time designers, others are part-time. Some are new mommies with littles at home, and others are Grandmothers.  Some of us are both.

I know some of you are sad, honestly, I’m sad right along with you.  Those were fabulous requests!  You can post the same request this week, or mix it up with a new request.  Comments are open to everyone.  I will post a new winner next week, and maybe, just maybe, Boo will have the first Custom Collection done for Elaina!