I completely, totally, forgot my camera on Thanksgiving.  It was right there on the sideboard, ready to document & cement our memories.  This was also the year of the perfect turkey.  It was juicy, amazing, and a gorgeous golden brown.  I totally wow’d my nachbarn (neighbors) but I have nothing to prove my kitchen mastery.  I’m so sad.

I do, however, have a plethora of stunning Amsterdam photo’s to share from my Girls Weekend Away.  I think fall in Amsterdam is my absolute favorite. The warm, golden light just melts me.  And lends itself so well to photography.

I will, however, make a big sacrifice and go visit Amsterdam mid-Winter.  Hopefully when it’s covered in snow.  I can imagine it is spectacular then too.  And. I promise to remember to drag out my camera when I visit my cousin again. Because.

I also visited my beautiful cousin Marloes (The Amazing, Invisible, Sheep!). No longer pregnant & the amazing mommy of little Doris.  Little Doris named after the most special woman in the entire world, my Oma: given name Theodora.  I spent my entire two hour visit just holding little Doris and smelling that fabulous baby smell.  My camera forgotten at my feet as I just cuddled and loved.

In three weeks my Oma turns 100. 100! I am not forgetting my camera.  And I am not remembering it and forgetting to pick it up.  100.  I am in awe.