On the way to, and from, Norway (Norway. Finally.; Oslo to Skjoldastraumen). We stopped in Copenhagen, or København. It was meant to get us from point A to point destination: Norway.  It turned out to be the favorite part of the trip for our kids (though Dane also had a second, equally favorite part of the trip, our little house on the fjord in Skjoldastraumen).Copehagen is officially Tess’ favorite city.  It has a Hard Rock (and she now collects Hard Rock t-shirts). It has an amusement park in the middle of the city, the world famous Tivoli Gardens.

It has a Build-A-Bear. It has the Little Mermaid statue, her favorite band recently posed with it too.  It has “her” people.I was surprised how much like home it felt. It helped that half the population, just like in Holland, was on bikes. It helped that there were windmills everywhere, both the old-fashioned kind and the new, green, power-generators.

Dave loved the history, especially the Kastellet (pictured here with us), one of the best preserved “star fortresses” in all of Europe.  Even better?  There’s still an active military component and we were blessed to watch a small troop perform a weapons check while we were touring.  For an ex-Drill Sergeant there’s nothing quite like watching troops do their thing.