Do you recognize the Sneak Peek above?  Jill has finally released her long-awaited Kaleidoscope Pattern Action (for Photoshop & PSE).  In her own words:

A VERY long time ago, in a forum far, far away, a customer asked if the action maker could make a kaleidoscope action. “Sure!” said the unwise action maker “No problem” … she was rather naive to say the least (the action maker, not the customer). Yes, that action maker was me and it has taken a little more than a year to finally get something that produces a product that I love … so I’m finally letting this loose for all to play with.

These actions will run in PSE11-13 and PSCS2-CC2014 on a Mac or PC. Please do not purchase this action if you are using PSE 10 or under.

Of course I had to play. I love photoshop actions!  I love watching things magically create themselves on my screen, the Kaleidoscope action is immensely fun to watch.  Here! Check it out! I recorded my experience on YouTube.
Hint: You can see the video even bigger by clicking on the YouTube icon on the bottom of the video screen.

I used the following original photo from my trip to Rome this summer to create all the papers for the wonderful Kaleidoscope freebie (below).  What fun it was to create!


I used the Kaleidoscope action on both the paper, as well as on the paper flower.  Please see the full list of tools I used to create todays freebie:


Download HERE

I used the following Commercial Use products to make this adorable freebie (all by Jilbert’s Bits of Bytes). All on sale for 30% Off!

  1. The Kaleidoscope action (on the paper & in the flower)
  2. Plaid Maker Action
  3. Bling 4
  4. Paper Flower Action – PSCS version (today’s CU Daily Deal!)
  5. Texture Overlays – Mixed Media 1