After our wonderful afternoon at the Barfußpark, we decided to check out another local, free, adventure. One of the semi-local Hotels has a fantastic bio-farm attached and encourages visitors to come and learn about the sustainable farming and animals. My kids are animal crazy, despite being saddled with allergies to every animal and plant on the planet. So of course we went.

We arrived a little too late in the day for a ride in the Pferdekutschen (or horse carriage), but not too late to learn that in winter it’s a ride in a horse-drawn sled! Guess who will be dragging a very reluctant hubby back, in the snow, on a sled, and write a glowing blog post about it?

Our main reason for visiting was the adorable bunnies. Turns out bunnies are soft. So very, very soft. Tess petted every single one, and as you can imagine, there were a lot of bunnies! She made sure each got as much love as any other bunny. She did not want any bunny to feel sad, unloved or left out. This took a very long time.  But we left with a very happy Tess.

For some strange reason, Dane went cuckoo for chickens. Beats me why. He wanted to go in and pet and hold all the chickens. I said no. I’m a mean mom.  So he tried to pet the chickens through the fence.  Sadly Dane is still fairly small. His little fingers are the size of worms.  At least to chickens. A chicken tried to eat his finger! Ow! Those beaks hurts. At least Dane is cured of his insane love of chickens. Short-lived as it was.

Next we visited the goats. It was a pretty warm day, and it looks like goats aren’t shorn like sheep. Most were inside trying to keep cool except for one magnificent fellow with horns to be proud of. I was a little nervous with those horns so close to Dane. But he couldn’t be swayed. He fed that goat all the delicious, salty, clover he could find.  Then he spent some time staring at the goat. Dane is convinced goats are super smart. Now he really loves goats.

Of course we stopped at the horse barn, and fed them all treats. It was dark and cool and they all seemed ready for a good nights rest. My guess is they are all worked pretty hard all day, and by days end they are ready for quiet and sleep.  The cow barn, on the other hand, was filled with light. Brandnew. Gorgeous. Beautiful animals. By now Cole couldn’t stop sneezing, though half of me thinks that was an excuse to step outside. Being close to a cow is fairly intimidating, they are big, imposing, animals and Cole has a healthy fear of anything bigger than him.  Since he’s my moose, that isn’t much, but I am glad he is cautious around big animals.

Despite her own sniffling and sneezing, Tess still almost climbed through the bars to get to the baby calf. He was still a little unsteady on his feet, curious, but without his umbilical cord. I imagine he is about a week old and so incredibly soft and adorable. I seriously considered smuggling him out in my pocket and taking him home. I can bottlefeed a newborn cow!

Finally we headed home, stopping briefly at the vista above Altensteig, so I could finally get a photo of my favorite city in the Schwarzwald on a clear blue, sunny day. If you are ever here, be sure to swing by and see this fantabulous sight with your own two eyes. Summer, winter, it’s gorgeous on any day.  Of course even here, Tess made a furry friend. This time I had to stop her from smuggling him out in her pocket!


Sadly we just missed the last ride-around-the-farm hay ride.


These two had immaculate timing, every time I pressed “click” they turned their heads.


Bunnies! Bunnies are soft! Tess loved the bunnies!


Dane and a chicken. Just before the chicken bit his finger. Dane hates chickens.


Beautiful goat.


Dane loved the goat & fed it lots of “salty” clover.


Dane daydreaming about being a goat?


My mom loves cows. This one is for her.


Baby cow! He’s a newborn. I wanted to put him in my pocket & smuggle him home (I didn’t).


And a final stop at Altensteig. I’ve been wanting to take a picture on a sunny day for years.


I love this city on a hill.


And Tess found another furry friend… a beautiful black kitty. We didn’t take him home either.