I have jet lag. And I didn’t even fly on a jet! Jets are not in my price range. Still. I am sitting at my desk, hours later than I should be, struggling to keep my head up. It’s like someone took all the bones out of my neck and I’m a real-live bobble-head.  Hey! I think I have my Halloween costume! Score!

Last week the kids & I hopped on planes, trains & automobiles to come together at Myrtle Beach, SC. My mom’s second favorite place on earth (Lake Tahoe is first). Dane, Tess & I came from Germany, Soren & Christian from Texas, Nicholas from New Mexico and Cole came with my parents (he stayed with them after Jacks funeral). My sister Annelore flew in from France with her two kids, Amadeo & Aeden. My other sister, Manon, flew in from California. I’m not going to make you count, but that is 14 people! That means 14 X the fun!

We all traveled from far & wide for my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary! There is nothing more they wanted than to have all their kids, all their grandkids together in one place to celebrate. We almost did it. Sadly our husbands all had to stay home to hold down the fort, my sisters son had a brand-new job & no leave and my own grandchild couldn’t fly out (his mom has a great fear of flying).  But most of us did make it and both my mom and my dad were overjoyed, sometimes to the point of tears, and every last penny, every last stress, every bit of exhaustion I now feel, was beyond worth it. Family really, truly, is everything.

I have so much to say, and not enough time to say it all. I have so many pictures to share, and not enough time to edit them all. I finally went for the best pictures with the most people in it… or the ones that show the most chaos. 14 people also = chaos!

I am forcing myself to stop writing. So many happy  memories are in my head, and each of the 2,347 pictures I took bring back a memory. I am distracted. I am happy. I am tired. For now, my story of my parents 50th Anniversary, my one week in the states, stops here. I am putting my photo’s away. I am concentrating on work. But the smile & happiness is still plastered all over my face. What an amazing, fabulous, perfect week we had.


After an hour blowing up 50 balloons… 8 kids popped them in 5 minutes. Sigh.


Happy 50th Anniversary Mom & Dad!


They were at the beach minutes after arrival! 87F in October!


Me and my 5 sons ❤ Christian, Dane, me, Cole, Nick & Soren


Opa (my dad) choice of 50th Anniversary dinner. All the sushi we could eat!


The waves got a little wild. Luckily the hotel had multiple pools… though they are all in the same one.


Family photo!


Oma (my mom) choice of 50th anniversary dinner: The Pirate Show!


Dane & Aeden (with my sister, her mom) got volunteered to chase DUCKS!


Guess who made us all get up early to go deep sea fishing? Just guess.


My sister took a picture of me & the kids deep-sea fishing.


Me & my six kids ❤


Me & my six kids ❤ I couldn’t decide on the best one.


Our husbands couldn’t make it, October is not ideal for time-off work, luckily we found mugs with all THREE their names, and they came along everywhere we went in spirit.