Today let’s answer a question from Steph Barry, one of our blog readers:

“I have a question about the Style file types needed for the latest versions of PSE.  There are .asl files and metadata.xml files and .xml files.  Do I need to keep all of these files types?”

What is an ASL file?

No matter what version of Photoshop or Photoshop Elements (PSE) is being used, the .asl file is the file which contains the style effects.

There are different ways to install or load the .asl file, again, dependent upon which version of the software is being used. A quick search of Google or the Help section of your particular Photoshop version should provide installation / loading instructions for you.

What are XML files?

A .xml file is a text file that describes “the transportation, structure, and storage of data.”

In PSE versions prior to version 11, .xml files could be installed in an Adobe folder to organize the Style effects.  Beginning with PSE version 11, .xml files are not necessary, as PSE organizes the styles for you automatically.

So what do I need to keep?

So to answer our readers question, if you have a PSE version, prior to and including version 10, if desired, you would install the metadata.xml file and delete the .xml file.

If you have PSE version 6, you would use the .xml file and delete the metadata.xml file.

No matter what version of PSE you are using, you do not have to install any of the .xml files if you do not want to do so; your .asl file will still be functional. The organization will just be different (not as user friendly).

Those using the full version of Photoshop may delete both the .xml and metadata.xml files, as they are for PSE only.

Thank you, Steph!

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Happy New Year to all!