My youngest started pre-school this last fall. Let me tell you, this was hard for me. My baby was NOT big enough for school. But he was, it was time. I researched to find a good program for 3 year olds, and man did I hit the jackpot. The program that Lucas is in this year is so awesome – and it’s awesome for me too!


Pre-school happens 2 hours, twice a week. On Tuesday’s I drop Lucas off with his friends and his teachers, and leave. I get an amazing 2 hours of me time every week! I run errands, go shopping, get myself coffee, or meet up with friends – I enjoy this kid-free time immensely. It’s been 7 or so years since I became a stay at home parent, and for the most part, I’ve been with my kids all day, every day. I love them, but this little routine break is oh so wonderful!

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On Thursday’s it works a little different. I get to go with to pre-school! I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first signed up – but I love Thursdays! We spend the first 50 minutes of class just playing, doing projects, and interacting with our kids. Sure, I play with him at home all the time, but I get distracted by chores, the phone, the laundry – here, it’s one:one time that is not filled with our daily life distractions. And, I always leave my phone in my purse – so it’s not a distraction either!  After play time we clean up and have circle time – where we sing a few songs or play a little game – then the kids are off to the gym or outside and the parents gather in another room. In this room we talk. That’s right, I get at least an hour a week of time designated to talk with other adults! It’s incredible! (Seriously, there are weeks when my husband or the clerk at the grocery store are the only adults I interact with -and the grocery clerk doesn’t want to hear all of my stories!) We talk about whatever we want, but typically end up discussing some issue one of us is having at home with our kids – which makes us all feel not alone, because as it turns out – it’s never just one kid having an issue – there’s always several. It’s very comforting.


I had no idea when I signed us up for this program that I would benefit from it as much as he did! I know I’m going to miss it next year when he goes to 4 year old pre-school (mom’s don’t get to come to that…..) but mostly I am thankful for this opportunity. It’s not something I would have been able to do with my older kids, so this is truly something special for my baby. I know he looks alone in most of these pictures, I don’t have any of him and I at school (I leave my phone in my purse. He does play with his friends, and I have lots of pictures of that, but I do not have permission from the parents to share those pictures. I am so thankful to our parent teacher, who stops by class every Tuesday to take pictures for us!