I love a good family day, and yesterday, we had one! My husband Mike took the day off of work and we took the kids to the Dakota County Fair! (Yes, I live in Minnesota – home of one of the greatest State Fair’s in the country – but I still prefer the county fair.)

What I love about the County Fair is the size. We got there a little after noon, and by the time we left at 7, we had seen just about everything there was to see, attended several performances/activities, gone on rides, played games and eaten. At the bigger, state fair, it’s impossible to do it all.

We started out looking at the art and projects, I’m always blown away by the talent in both the kids and adults at the fair. We hit up some vendor booths where the kids got prizes before heading into the Wild Animal exhibit. This is one of my favorites – they have unique animals like skunks, bobcats, wolves and foxes for you to admire (and feed) as well as more traditional animals like goats, cows and chickens. The kids have a blast feeding the goats every year. $1 buys you a cup of fruit and veggies to feed them with. Their smiles and laughter are always so much fun!

There is always so much good food too, cheese curds, corn dogs, walking tacos, deep fried everything, ice cream, shaved ice, and my new favorite fair treat: Cookie Dough on a Stick. That’s right, edible cookie dough (chocolate chip for me), dipped in chocolate, rolled in sprinkles and oh so delicious! Our bellies were so full by the end of the day!

The kids love the rides, all three of my boys are daredevils! My oldest went on The Screamer, which spun around way high in the air and left you hanging upside down for several seconds at a time! Crazy kid!

We watched the Lumberjack show, the rabbit agility contest, saw all the animals (including some awesome chickens, pictured below), horse jumping, axe throwing, tractor driving and so much more. We were all exhausted by the end of the day, but in that happy – content way after a wonderful day filled with so many amazing memories!

I just love a good family day. This one will satisfy me until the next!