Army life is not just hard on kids, or wives, it’s also hard on doggies. When their people go away, it’s very stressful for them. It’s a conundrum. The people love the doggies, the doggies love the people. Nobody likes being away from each other.

Argo, my friends male husky, is not a fan of his people leaving. It makes him anxious. He is such a beautiful, amazing, good boy. It breaks our hearts to see him sad and anxious. Argo’s daddy is overseas for a year. Argo’s mommy is also a soldier. Sometimes she is away too.

We’ve been looking for solutions. Ways to sooth his worried heart. But we hit an impasse. We needed help. We were having trouble finding it in Germany, in German. So I did some researching in Holland, and somehow I wound up with a beautiful soul, a dog whisperer, in Belgium.

Last Friday we roadtripped up to Belgium, stopping for an amazing lunch in Luxembourg, overnighting in Brussels, and even visiting family (and picking up vlaai’s) on Saturday. It was a crazy 2-day trip that left us with smiles on our faces and hope in our hearts. Because the dog whisperer was everything we wished for… and more!

He greeted us outside his home, on the outskirts of a small rural Belgian town near the Dutch border. He was warm, personable, a great listener and all of us and the dogs immediately felt comfortable. He took us on a walk around  the house, to the small patch of grounds behind it. Our feet were soon soaked with the wet, beyond-dewy grass, but our eyes happily soaked in the beauty and tranquility.

I spotted the horses immediately, I am a horse person, Khaleesi spotted them second. Khaleesi is also a horse person (dog?). I’ve never seen her ears so perkily pricked. She stopped frequently, eagerly, leg bent, ready to go say hi. To play. To run. To be with the horses. Khaleesi loves horses!

While Argo and Khaleesi met the horse, ponies and sheep, we talked to the dog whisperer. He asked all the questions, even the tough ones, with compassion and understanding. It is rare to find someone so outside of the military who understands and supports our life. Someone who is so willing to work with our choices and job demands and find solutions rather than provide judgement or disapproval. When I grow up, I want to be the dog whisperer.

Argo too loved the dog whisperer. He was calm, happy. He listened. He was at his very best. Maybe a little too at his best. The dog whisperer looked at us several times as if to say “are you sure”. But we are sure. Argo is anxious when he is home alone. He needs help. He needs to know he is loved. He is cared for. He needs to know his people will come back.

The dog whisperer can help. Can he provide miracles? I don’t know. He didn’t promise. But we have hope.

Khaleesi especially loved, loved LOVED the horses!

Ponies too!

And adorable black-eyed sheep!

Argo was so relaxed and happy.

Khaleesi really wants to run with the ponies.

Happy Khaleesi

Argo and the Dog Whisperer