The day we went to Monkey Mountain we also went to the Bodensee (aka Lake Constance). It’s my kids new favorite place to go. I can’t blame them, it’s just over an hour away and simply beautiful. It is the Lake Tahoe of Europe. Caveat… I have not seen all the lakes, maybe there’s a better one? Maybe?

I am a water baby, I love all things water. I especially love boats, and kayaking is big on my list. We had planned to kayak in a small group, one adult, one kid per kayak. Racing. Instead, we wound up with one big canoe and took turns paddling the lake. Filling a canoe with up to 5 people is just as fun, if not funner, than the smaller boats. Though, paddling 3 kids by myself, even with all of them “helping” is physically exhausting.

I loaded them all into the canoe, paddled furiously for the opposite shore, making little to no headway, yelling:

“Switzerland, here we come!” Sadly I didn’t have the strength to make it across the lake to Switzerland. Perhaps fortunately, since we had no passports in our pockets. I’m wondering what happens to people that do make it to Switzerland, or Austria (bordering the Bodensee on the north shore), while canoe’ing, kayaking, sailing or paddleboarding? Where do you keep the passports? Are there guards on the shore? I’m feeling a rebel streak come on and I want to paddle to Switzerland and ground my boat… without a passport!

I swapped out in the canoe with Alan, our new friend and Dave’s replacement, and took photo’s for a bit. But when the kids started to climb the ladder up the diving platform, I couldn’t just sit & watch! I had to jump too. I’ve always dreamed of diving into a cool mountain lake, from a platform, flying through the air in the hot summer sun. I made my way out to platform too.

I should have guessed, by the knots & twists in my tummy just climbing the ladder up, that actually diving off the platform would not be in my bag of tricks. I stood at the end of the board, seemingly miles above the lake below, and felt every tremor, every step, every breath shake the precarious perch I found myself on. The kids hopped around, causing panicked yelps from me, all of them making “chicken” noises. Not that any of them were perched on the end of the dangling board overlooking the deep, black hole below.

I finally, and I mean a good 5-10 minutes after I got up there, stepped off the diving board. I floated through the air much longer than I had anticipated, finally hitting the deep, cool water below. I sunk deeper than I imagined possible and everything around me was black. Dark as night. I kicked my feet rapidly, took big, powerful strokes with my arms and made my way up to through forest green water, teal, light blue and beautiful air! I did it! Woooooooohooooooooooo!

After my stellar example, the kids jumped in one after the other, ready to do it again & again. Fears. Conquered.


A temporary pet is still a pet = happiness

The sun is coming out a little, it feels like Tahoe

Paddleboarding. On my bucket list!

I love the trees on the lakeshore

Crystal clear waters

Time to brave the diving plank

Tess took a nap

Canoe’ing to Switzerland

The wind came up, the windsurfers came out, we packed up to go home