Welcome to Anthology at The Studio! For years I’ve been wanting a way to make our Designs come alive and accessible to all our scrappers. So often I see a collection and just fall in love. The colors. The elements. The papers. The layouts.  It’s not just love, I fall in drool. And then I get it on my computer and my layouts are not as perfect.

Anthology to the rescue! It is more than just a kit. It’s more than just a collection. It’s a complete treasury of digital scrapbooking supplies. You get the kit. You get the collection. And you get the extra’s including a complete album ready for your photo’s. Ready for printing. We even include a template to get you started on creating your own amazing layouts with your monthly Anthology subscription!

Each month The Studio Anthology introduces our members to one of our fabulous, talented Designers. You receive a beautiful collection, at an affordable price: $9.99 per month or $95.88 per year (save $24!). We also add in Exclusive Bonuses available only to Anthology members and only for one month. These Exclusive Bonuses will not go on sale anywhere else, including The Studio. We want you to get all the benefits of being a member and receive exclusive supplies just for your stash.

It is important to us that you get the full enjoyment out of your Anthology membership. Each month we feature not just the Anthology Collection, but also the exclusive album as well as additional layouts by our Creative Teams. Our goal is to provide you with inspiration beyond a basic kit or collection. We want to give you the tools to create masterpieces of your own… for a very affordable price. So you can live it, love it & scrap it.

Valentina put together an amazing booklet featuring the ins & outs of Anthology, Cactus & Roses (the August Anthology collection) and featured layouts. You can watch the video, pause to read the longer bits or see the images, or download the full PDF for better quality & detail: The Studio Anthology: Cactus & Roses

 You can read all the details on The Studio Anthology page. You can see the August Anthology collection Cactus & Roses by Valentina’s Creations here.