Hello! It’s Dani, Just Because Studio, here with a super fun Quick Tip. Let’s create a title that will standout from the rest of your layout. I’m starting with a handwritten font, Epicursive Script, but any font will do of course.

  • Type in  your title

  • Change the color of your text to white

  • Click the Layer Style symbol; then
  • Click on Stroke

A box will immediately pop-up:

  • Choose a dark color for your Stroke
  • Set the Position to Outside
  • Set the size to 25 px

  • Rasterize your Type to set the Layer Style
    • Right-click;
    • Choose Rasterize Type from the pop-up menu

Now finish your layout! I’ve used my own Resilience, the Traditional ANTHOLOGYFLEX selection through April 28, 2022.

Resilience is available exclusively at the Studio through April.

[ri-zil-ee-uhns] noun – English
the capacity of a person to maintain their core purpose and integrity in the face of dramatically changed circumstances.

Dig deep and power through those struggles with Resilience, the newest collection by Just Because Studio. Dani is a master at using beautifully balanced vibrant colors in traditional collections with charming artistic touches. Resilience is a large & versatile collection perfect for a wide variety of projects from self-refection to a full photo book. Members can purchase Resilience: Refresh, the coordinating add-on bundle all about making a fresh start.