To get to Brussels from Stuttgart is only a five hour drive.  We made it a seven hour drive and stopped in Luxembourg for an amazing lunch, outside on the market square. Normally, I drive right through but Ramona had never been. Not in Luxembourg, not in Belgium, not in Holland. We tried to fit in as many “firsts” as we could during our 2-day whirlwind trip (The Dog Whisperer).

Luxembourg is small, gorgeous, a feast for the eyes… and the tummy.  Luxembourg City is the capital built overlooking deep gorges cut by the Alzette and Pétrusse rivers. We somehow managed a parking spot right at the center, right on top of a deep chasm overlooking the Bourbon Fort.  That alone made our brief detour noteworthy.

We walked to the city center, through small streets lined with adorable café’s, bistro’s, boutiques and more. We walked slowly, our eyes feasting on goodies for our tummies (Tess’ eyes on the look-out for her favorite macaroons) and clothes & shoes. Luxembourg is really a city we could have spent all day in. Or two.

The market square is smaller than most, certainly not as big as the one in Brussels, and we took our time strolling around, sneaking glimpses at peoples meals, before choosing the yelp-recommended  La Boucherie. Thank you people of yelp! This was a gem. We were seated immediately at an outdoor table, covered by big umbrella’s (perfect against the stray rays of sunshine, even better against the sprinkle of rain). I had practiced my best French when asking for table, only to be foiled by French menu’s. The waiter quickly brought us English menu’s and a bowl of water for Argo & Khaleesi.

Everything looked good. I finally decided on the special of the day: steak & salad. Tess ordered a cheeseburger (!?) and Ramona was on a quest to try all new things; she ordered steak tartare with carpaccio (both raw meat). All three of our orders came with delicous, fat steak fries that we gobbled up. All three of our meals were mouth watering good. Tess’ boring burger turned out to be anything but, and all three of us agreed it was the best burger we’d ever tasted!

Tess resisted trying the carpaccio. Raw meat did not sound appealing to her. But Ramona and I were swooning over the dish, and Tess caved. Guess who loves raw meat? I know, I know… it’s not for everyone. Still, if you are adventurous, give it a try! In many cases raw meat is safer than cooked meat (ie. the chemicals used in processing, preserving or even charring during bbq’ing), high quality beef is always used and the taste is exquisite. Especially drizzled with an amazing basil & garlic oil. Divine.

Completely full and satisfied, we strolled back to the car. The thick crowds of lunch had thinned, making it easier to stop and window shop without causing a traffic jam. I secretly wished for extra euro’s in my pockets, while Ramona flat-out squealed her need for monies to buy herself a real pair of Christian Louboutins. Even the tennis shoes had red soles!

Sadly we had to leave Luxembourg behind without new shoes, but with happy tummies and new experiences.

Fort Bourbon across the chasm from our car

Ramona, Tess, Khaleesi + Argo

If I were to ride a bike, I’d need *this* bike.

The Luxembourg flag differs barely from the Dutch flag. The blue is Pantone 299 (the Dutch is 286) and it’s 3:5 vs. 2:3. That’s it.

Steam punk in the market place. No idea why.

We followed the heavenly smell of candied roasted nuts all the way from our parking spot.

The restaurant brought us a bowl of water and treats for the dogs. Argo was not satisfied.

Steak tartare and carpaccio with an amazing garlic basil oil

Argo is very distracted in the busy city. He’s seeing all the things!

The sign says: A summer like no other… I’m still not sure what is hanging overhead.

Wishful thinking. We’re just excited to see the store in person!