Have you ever fallen in love with a particular font but didn’t know what it was named?  Perhaps the text was in a magazine advertisement, on another digital scrapbooker’s layout, or even on a pack of Journal Cards you received in a designer’s Collection. Did you know there is an easy way to find out?

There is! And it is available at the Font Squirrel:  The Matcherator on Font Squirrel.

Upload an image with text to The Matcherator, and it will check 4 sites to see if the text can be matched. If the text is available at any of those 4 sites, the Matcherator will tell you where. If not, it will provide similar text alternatives. Here are some screen shots for you:

  • Upload your text image

Upload your text image

  • Highlight your text, then click on the Matcherate It! button.

  • Be sure all 4 Distributors are check marked, and Matcherator will start searching.

  • Matcherator will then start searching, and in just a few seconds give you the search results:  (red outline added by me)

Matcherator results!


And they are right. The font I used was Lunchbox.  The Matcherator tells me where I can purchase this font and what the price of it is.

If the font image that I uploaded was not available at any of the 4 distributors, the Matcherator will still show me the results of similar fonts available at the 4 distributors.

So bookmark the Matcherator, to make your future font searches a breeze!

If you would like to download a PDF of this tutorial, you may do so here: Match your Font