The official wedding photo’s are here! I don’t know how Lindsay pared it down to only 146 to share with the rest of us, they are all stunning. I struggled most of this morning to pare it down to a handful (and a foot) to share here with you.

If you are tired of my wedding babble & broken foot babble (The Wedding; Pride Before Fall; Midnight is Magic; Smile for the Camera), I think I’m done after this. At least wedding babble. Though, these photo’s are so amazing. I’m drooling again just picking a couple to blog about.

I cannot say enough good things about Jess of Klodt Photography. She captured every little detail, every little moment both big and small. Her photography is outstanding. This set of photo’s is one we will always treasure. What outstanding work. Jess exceeded expectations.

And while I really wanted the wedding to be in Germany, or California, or Iceland! Gervasi Vineyards is simply breathtaking. What an absolute gem in the Ohio countryside. Soren & Lindsay picked the perfect location to bring two families together.

Each family had their own villa. Grandparents, parents & kids (even great-grandkids) all together in one villa. Our family in Villa Firenze, Lindsay’s in the Villa right next door. It was the perfect way to blend two families. A shout-back to days gone by, when families lived near each other, in one town. It was a beautiful start to a wonderful new beginning.

Despite my fall. Despite my broken ankle. I treasure every little moment, every little memory of their wedding weekend. I am beyond blessed to have attended. To see my first born get married. Above all, I am beyond blessed with a beautiful new daughter. A proper Dutch wife.

Our home-away-from-home

Lindsay getting ready to be married!

Just before my fall, one last shot of the 8 of us. Before we become nine.

Soren, Christian, Kyle & Cole… watching Lindsay come down the aisle

My sister Manon officiated, my sister Annelore did a reading, and I sat in a wheelchair.

Mr & Mrs

Soren & his new family

Lindsay & her new family ❤ … minus the ones at the hospital

Eat Drink & Be Married

Soren lives in Superman t-shirts; Linday had a special groomsman cake just for him

I made it to the lighting of the unity candle before caving & going to the hospital

I missed the dancing. I so love Lindsay’s skirt!

Lindsay’s wedding shoes… now she can be a proper Dutch wife!

Soren & Lindsay and their flower girls… my favorite photo!

Is there anything more romantic than a wedding in a vineyard?

Aerial photo of Gervasi Vineyards

Gorgeous aerial shot of the bride & groom