It’s only fair to take photo’s of all the kids, not just one kid. After Tess’ photo shoot (Senior Photo Shoot), Dane wanted one too. Luckily we had to go to downtown Stuttgart anyway for Tess, prom dress shopping. In my head I was thinking the urban landscape would contrast nicely with Tess’  more natural & historic photo’s. If things had gone as planned, I would’ve had gorgeous photo’s of Dane. It’s not that he didn’t cooperate, it’s that he’s… Dane.

Dane is all boy. I’m okay with that. In fact, I tried really, really hard to get Dane at his most Dane-est. Honestly? By my 5th boy, I should be an expert at boy photography. I’m not. Or maybe it’s my lens? It cannot keep up with my boy. Dane is all flips, kicks, handstands, sommersaults, flying-through-the-air, in-motion, boy.

While Dane flipped, flopped, and wow’d a crowd of strangers. I struggled to get one photo. By the time I finally succeeded, I’d gotten exactly one. Out of more than a hundred. A little more chatting with our no-longer strangers in the crowd, and Dane & I were both starving and ready for dinner. Luckily we’d scored big on Tess’ dress (and shoes!). The Off Saks 5th Avenue outlet was closing and there was a sale, on top of a sale. There was enough left over for a dinner out and Dad had just gotten off the train to join us.

Maybe it was a failed photo shoot, one out-of-a-hundred is not a win, but we got a dress, shoes, dinner out, a beautiful afternoon in Stuttgart. I’d say that is a big win.

I’ll take it! One out of a 100+ shots.

Ha! I sneaked one in of Tess! Or rather, she snuck in one LOL!