This week Tess had her very last Spring Break as a high school student. How can my tiny baby girl be a Senior? How? That’s it, that’s all I will say.

We had a wonderful week, with an extra wonderful surprise. Her friend Alana repaid the favor (Spreading her Wings, Seoul Lantern Fest, Gyeongbokgung Palace) and came to visit us. I took advantage of the opportunity to drag them both around town, and to Switzerland, for Senior Photo Shoots!

Two road trips, and 1,200+ photo’s later, I have too many favorites to count. My goal had been to drive up into the Alps and get a “Sound of Music” type photoshoot, but Tess hates her dirndl and there was snow. And cold. And overcast grey skies. We made it as far as the Rhein Falls just across the border in Switzerland. While the weather wasn’t perfect, I got some gorgeous shots of both girls and I did all the hiking down to the falls, and back up, with minimal difficulties. I am healing!

Alana had done another photo shoot in South Korea, and her photographer had some set ideas on poses. Poses that made Alana giggle. She demonstrated one, and Tess & I giggled with her. We decided to recreate it in Switzerland, with the two of them. A  little lighten the mood moment.

The best part? They are cracking up here not because of the silly pose, but because of the tourist behind me, a man (!) imitating their pose. How I wish I’d spun around & caught him in the act. On camera!

Alana did bring her dirndl, both of them. Now that we are home, and the photo’s are on the big screen, Tess is fully onboard to get a prettier dirndl and roadtrip up to Alps for another photo shoot. I am beaming from ear-to-ear. It’s my dream come true. Not that I’m unhappy with the photo’s. Just Alps, dirndl, Tess would be a perfect way to forever capture her years in Germany.

Tess at the Rhein Falls

Alana at Rhein Falls, Switzerland

Little house on the falls

On the way home from Switzerland… class of 2019!

Alana in her formal dirndl at the monastry ruins in the Schwarzwald

They were being very goofy

A close-up without lens glare

This just says… Spring!

Tess with the Black Forest behind her

The sun was setting, I love this light.