When we first moved to Germany, Dave told me that in WWII American soldiers would orient themselves by the shape of church steeples. Every church steeple, in all the villages, has a distinct shape. Especially combined with the roof line of a church. Today I am finding this to be more true than ever.

I have thousands, nay, hundreds of thousands, photos of church steeples. I was trying to find my pictures of Notre Dame. Amazon Prime Photo’s has a “find by tower” feature. A feature I need because not only are all my pictures not in handy-dandy labeled albums, they are also not by date.

More accurately, they are not by the correct date. I have taken many photo’s in 2011 that are really from 2012 to 2015. Sigh. My naming and dating is out of whack. I can’t find what I’m looking for. I’m looking for my Notre Dame pictures. Because. My heart hurts.

Notre Dame burned on Monday. The centuries-old timbers in the roof caught fire and flames engulfed not just the roof, but the beautiful spire. Eventually sending it toppling. I know I have many photo’s of Notre Dame, especially of the spire. I have a thing for towers, steeples & spires. Maybe because of Dave? Maybe I’m always subconsciously trying to orient myself? I have a knack for getting lost (Lost in the Schwarzwald).

Living in Germany, and being Catholic, I have a lot of photo’s of churches. The outsides. The architecture. The statues, saints, gargoyles, stained glass. Oh! So much gorgeous stained glass. I feel at peace in a church. In a Cathedral. I feel Gods presence, comforting me. I need only step inside to feel that calming presence. It is a beautiful gift.

How I wish I had been more diligent in dating and naming my photo’s. This is not the first time I’ve felt this way, but I think it’s the first time I’ve felt it this intensely. This overwhelmingly.

Watching Notre Dame burn on Monday was heart breaking. It is not just a sacred Catholic cathedral but also an iconic landmark in Paris beloved by all, regardless of religion. It is a breathtaking feat of engineering and a magnificent work of art in and of itself. My heart is still hurting from the devastation of that fire.

I found one photo, amongst my many, of the beautiful, intricate, fallen spire. There are a couple more in my Paris at Night post from 2016, the last time I visited Notre Dame.

I think this is from our February 2014 visit Notre Dames beautiful, fallen, spire