Eeeeep! I have no new photo to share. I haven’t pulled out my camera all week. I haven’t even used my phone camera. As a very camera-centric person, I think it’s my first warning sign that I’m slipping towards depression.

The world is a lot right now. Raising my head up out of my little cocoon is never a good thing. Everything outside my front door makes my heart beat too fast, scrambles my brain and turns my fight or flight switch to high! I need to spend more time focused on what I can control. I need to find my bliss.

For years I’ve been wanting to do yoga. Specifically, goat yoga. Because. Goats! I love goats! My neighbor has goats, organic goats. That means you can’t feed them snacks from home because even one non-organic goat snack means they are no longer organic goats. But, he will let me help with the bottle feeding of the baby goats. Not now, social distancing and all, but someday I will be helping again.

Sorry, I got distracted by goats. Goats that aren’t even here! What is here is a cat. A cat that apparently thinks she is a goat. I found this out during yoga. I’d decided that:

  1. I was slipping into depression
  2. I needed something new
  3. That something new was going to be yoga
  4. Even if I didn’t have a goat

I put YouTube on the TV, pulled up the highly recommended Yoga with Adriene, and took a deep breath. I love Adriene! I managed to do almost all the things, probably incorrectly, and I did find myself relaxing. All those pesky troubles simmering down. Yoga is a very good thing.

As I slowly moved my body into child’s pose, I caught Mochi staring at me. She wasn’t far from me, my living room is not that big, sunning herself in a big ray of sunshine. I wish I’d had my phone. That little weirdo was stretched out long, on her back, looking at me like I was the weirdo!

I took my attention away from the cat, focused back on Adriene, and continued to contort my body closer to the ground. Suddenly I felt a very warm, very furry, body cozy up right next to me. Almost on top of me. It was the cat. Pretending to be a goat. My dream came true!

Even in the apocalypse goat yoga is possible. You just need a little imagination.

I highly recommend getting yourself out of the funk we are all in & doing something for you. Maybe Cat Yoga is not possible in your house. Maybe a home spa day is. Or pick up a new craft? Tess & Dane are helping me sew masks. Everyone is getting to spend some time as my sous chef. Or just join us for Chats, Games & Scrapping in today’s second Community Lock-In.

I know you love scrapping… or you wouldn’t be here. Come join us? Get out of your funk. Or do Cat Yoga. The choice is yours!