I can not write a blog post of any kind without it being somewhat about what is going on in the world right now. People are sick. People are locked in their homes (some willingly, some because they have to) and the world around us is shutting down. Every article I read, every update I get, every new total makes everything seem hopeless.

In Minnesota, we are entering spring. This beginning of spring time means budding trees, grass turning green and baby flowers popping up from their long winters nap. Every morning, after the sun is up and I’ve had a little coffee, I walk around my house searching for signs that my plants, my flowers, are coming back to life. They bring me joy, oh so much joy! And hope.

You see, last fall, as the weather got colder, the plants knew that they wouldn’t survive if they didn’t shut themselves down, lock themselves down and wait it out. How boring must it be to be a flower in the winter? Ugly and brown, buried under piles of snow and leaves, nothing to do and no one to make happy. But, eventually winter ends, and the flowers can come back. They can make the world a little brighter, come together to feed the bees, they can bring us joy and they can bring us hope.

We have a lot of amazing digital flowers in our store to help bring that hope to your layouts. A lot of flower packs are sold as CU – and I know a lot of scrappers aren’t sure what to do with CU packs. If you’re just scrapping beautiful layouts, you can ignore that CU on the packs, it doesn’t matter for you. So, if a pack has flowers that fill you with joy, PU or CU, grab it. Because right now, we all need that hope, that joy!

Here are some layouts that feature flowers to help inspire us!

Layout by Scrapmevrouw
Layout by twismomflor
Layout by Grace.
Layout by barbaraj
Layout by Elkfan
Layout by Lara’s Digi World