The real world is getting a little heavy. Today the Alsace region in France, the part of France directly across the border from me, 45 minutes from me, was declared a high-risk area. On par with Italy, Iran, South Korea & China. Except, they only have 613 cases. We have 237 and growing.

I’m not worried about getting sick. I am worried about the impact on our hospitals. I’m worried that if Tess has another allergic reaction, we won’t be able to get help. I’m worried that if I break a leg again, we won’t be able to get help. I’m worried about my parents, especially my dad with diabetes. The rapidly increasing cases of coronavirus are straining our healthcare system, our doctors and nurses. This is the real threat.

The worry is keeping me up. So this morning I delved back into my Japan pictures. I’ve touched on maybe half of my pictures, 1/1000th of my memories. It seems like a dream. Our trip to Japan was magical. I can still see it, the lights, the people, the smells, the animals. Oh how I miss the animal cafes!

The goal had been to visit a cat cafe. One. We wound up visiting a pet cafe almost every day. There is a very real need for these. We can’t really have pets. We will move again. Dave is allergic. The one cat we do have is too much. But. If it was all up to me, we’d have a bazillion pets. Maybe more.

When I’m surrounded by animals, even crazy Shiba Inus, my soul is at peace. My heart is happy. My mind is only filled with inane thoughts:


Right now I’d happily replace the crazy world with the crazy Shiba Inus.