For about a decade, The Crocodile Hunter ruled my roost. My boys, especially Soren, were fascinated by all things Steve Irwin. I was pretty sure I’d come home one day to an alligator in our tub. I did come home to a lot of creatures, both in the tub & out, but never an alligator. Thank God.

I grew up on The Black Stallion, Born Free and The Last Giraffe. I’ve only ever been lucky enough to have horses in my life (I miss my ChinChin) but I love all the animals. Especially giraffes! Between all our love of animals, and the ubiquitous presence of Steve Irwin for so many years, you can imagine how broken my heart is by the bushfires in Australia and the loss of over a billion animals.

A. Billion.

Not just a billion lost, but also so many injured. The images are horrific. I will not share or subject you to them. I did see them, and with every image my heart sank more. I had to help. I had to help the only way I know how. To raise money and send donations. And the only way I know to do that is to create a Charity kit.

My team was more than willing to help me. I love their dedication not just to the Studio, but also to helping others. I really do work with a beautiful bunch of Designers. Together they created a wonderful Mega Kit: Wildlife Warriors.

100% of the proceeds will go directly to Steve Irwins Wildlife Warriors. They recently saved their 90,000 animal (Ollie! The Platypus!) and are raising money to build another ward in the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors Hospital. I want to help them get there.

You can help by purchasing this kit or by donating directly at Wildlife Warriors.

Digital Scrapbooking collection for Charity to benefit the animals affected by the Australian fires