Today we are traveling back to 2009 & the artist formerly known as Deli Scraps by Min: Carin Grobe Design. It was my first year as store owner. My first year running the contest. A contest I had only won myself the year before.

Little did I know then how much work went on behind the scenes. How much anxiety & stress I’d feel. Still, it was nothing that I felt as a contestant the year before. Nothing that Min felt that year, in 2009.

Earlier this week I asked her for her previews, she had lasted three rounds, finally getting eliminated in Round Three. Still, something about her made me sit up & take notice and not long after she became a Designer at the Studio. Today Min is one of my closest friends, one of my few friends living in Germany. A fellow nerd & SciFi geek, and a stalwart member of our Admin Team.

I also asked Min for some words, some thoughts back on her time in the contest. So here, in her own words, a throwback to 2009:

I did not enter the contest as an experienced designer, in fact, I had only been designing for 2 months, had no store, no fans or followers.

So why did I dare to enter with no chance or hope to win? I did it because I thought it was a wonderful opportunity to learn from the “big girls”, to see what the seasoned designers would do with the same challenges and palettes and especially to get helpful critique from the team.

For the minikits we had to create, we were given the theme and palette in the first two rounds, the third week it was a palette only, but it was also the dreaded “don’t use CU products round”…

Here’s a look at my entries from back then – just looking at these old previews makes me cringe…. May looking at them encourage all the “fresh” designers out there… and please, be kind and don’t laugh too loud …. I cannot believe that I lasted that long through the elimination rounds, LOL …

NDC 2009 Deli Scraps by Min

As in all good stories, this one did have a happy ending, as well: I learned a lot, got two offers for other stores and a couple of weeks later, Toiny offered me a contract as a Studio Designer.  I became exclusive to the Studio soon after, because I felt right at home here. And while some names and faces have changed over the years, the Studio is still the place to be for me. We have a great crew of talented designers, a wonderful admin team and I love our scrappers, the friendly and helpful atmosphere they all create in our forum.

So what are you waiting for? Join us for the contest, no matter how far you are in your designing path. Or, if that is not for you, join in on one of our famous forum events or for one of the great challenges we offer every month.

Carin, aka Min

These days Min is primarily known for her uber-detailed extractions, adorable mini’s (many featuring cuddly teddies), and whimsical designs. Should you be lucky enough to join our team, Min will be at the front of the line to welcome you to the group, and hold your hand as learn the ins & outs behind the scenes.

This next week Min has her entire store on sale. It’s a great time to stock up on some truly stellar Commercial Use for the grueling month to come.

Will you be our next Min? Will you join our team? I’m so excited to see what everyone creates! My patience has flown out the window, and over the mountains. I so wish it was next week.

It’s audition time for our ND2020! All auditions must be posted no later than 6:00 a.m. on Monday June 1, 2020.